St Mary Magdalen's

St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Behaviour Principles Written statement

In managing pupils’ behaviour, we will apply the following principles:


We will seek to be consistent and fair in setting and modelling high standards, and challenging poor behaviour.  We acknowledge that learning and the positive ethos within school can be disrupted by the poor behaviour of a minority of pupils and we will encourage a rigorous, consistent and fair approach by all staff.  The ‘four Cs’ of courtesy, consideration, co-operation and common sense will underpin our expectations and apply to behaviour within and outside of the classroom.  The safety and well-being of pupils and staff will, at all times, guide our actions.


We will aim for shared ownership and clarity in setting our expectations. This will be achieved by regularly discussing these expectations both informally and formally in lessons, liturgies and assemblies.


We will emphasise pupil self-discipline and self-motivation within an atmosphere of mutual respect and support for individuals.


We will aim for high quality teaching and learning.  We accept that well-planned lessons that stimulate and offer appropriate challenge to pupils are often the most effective way of managing behaviour for learning in the classroom. 


We will ensure that curriculum provision addresses the needs and interests of all pupils.  We will offer choice and flexibility within a balanced curriculum so that pupils feel a sense of relevance, challenge and engagement with their work.  We will develop opportunities with external partners, including work-related learning for pupils of all aptitudes and abilities.  We will develop and enrich the curriculum and provide additional support to pupils. 


We will celebrate and reward high and improving standards of attendance, work and behaviour through informal praise, formal awards, assemblies, sharing and displaying pupils’ work and celebration of achievement evenings for pupils and parents.


All members of the school community are encouraged to promote this positive ethos in order to afford everyone the opportunity to realise their full potential.


Please click here for our Behaviour Policy (June 2020)