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Year 1 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 1's home learning page!

Mrs Boyd has been busy making videos to help you with your learning and they will be posted here every day by 9am.

As well as those activities, for at least 15 minutes per day you MUST:

  • Read;

  • Practise your phonics;

  • Practise your handwriting;

  • Practise your number bonds. 

Don't forget to join in Joe Wicks' PE twice a day to keep you active.

All of these things will keep your brain in tiptop condition for when you return back to school. 

If you get stuck, email Mrs Boyd at and she will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Happy learning

friday 15th january

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Science  LO : To use observation skills

Object Hunt (Materials)

See the PDF below for objects  made from different materials that you need to find around your home.

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 Thursday 14th January

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Worksheets for Maths below


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wednesday 13th january

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  Maths Resource sheet below

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Tuesday 12th january

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Maths worksheets  below for printing if needed

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monday 11th january


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Set 3

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Set 2

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Friday 8th January

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RE - LO: Gathering at church on Sunday.

The parish church is where the parish family gathers.  Just like at home or in school everyone has their part to play in the parish family.   It is a community.  Look at the picture below.  In the picture people are welcoming those who are coming to church.


With your home teacher, answer some of the questions below.

  • Q What do you see?

  • Q Where are people going?

  • Q Who is there?

  • Q What are they doing?

  • Q What other jobs do people do during Mass?



Please click here to listen to the John Burland song - "The Church".

Copy the actions or why not make up your own actions?
Reflection - Spend a few moments thinking about going to church on a Sunday, then say the "Our Father" prayer.


Phonics -  Blending to read



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Phonics - Set 1 soundsPhonics -  Speed Sounds Set 2 and 3 




Wednesday 6th January

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RE - 

LO : There are special people in our lives who help us

This half-term we will be looking at special people in our lives. Ask your home teacher to read this story if you are not able to read it for yourself.


Grandma’s Special People

by Joe

 Every Sunday, we go to Grandad and Grandma’s with our Mum for dinner.  Tim and I love going there.  Grandad and Grandma let us play upstairs.  We think it is a very special place. Grandma knows how much we like to look at all the photographs on the stairs, on the landing and in the bedrooms.  There are so many of them.  Tim and I make up games to play.  We count them, try to spot the new ones and see if we can remember who all the people in the photographs are.  Grandma says, “These are all my special people, they are our family.   You are there, as well as your Mum, Uncle Brian and cousins.”


Tim and I are glad we’re Grandma’s special people.  She is one of our special people, too.  Some of the photographs are of people we don’t really know. There is one of Monica, Grandma’s best friend, who lives in the next road.  They go shopping together every week.  Another is of Sally, the district nurse, who helped to look after Grandad when he was very ill last year.


Tim’s favourite photograph is the one of Grandma and Grandad with all their friends and neighbours.  It was taken at the community centre last year at a party.  Grandma has so many photographs because she has many special friends.  I couldn’t tell you about them all today as it would take too long.  Perhaps you could think of people who are special to you.


Try and answer a few of these questions


  • What do Joe and Tim like to do at Grandma and Grandad’s?

  • Who are the people in the photographs?

  • Who are the special people Joe tells you about?

  • Can you think of some other people who may have been special for Grandma?

  • Who are special people in your lives?

  • Are there special people in our school community?

  • Do you know any other special people?



Draw or paint at least one special person in your life. Then write a caption or sentences stating why that person is special. It might be someone in your family, school or local community.


 Once you have finished, look at what you have done and take a moment to thank God for your special person or people. 







Tuesday 5th January

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