St Mary Magdalen's

St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Reception (EYFS) Homework - Autumn 2019 & Spring 2020

Friday 3rd April

Literacy Planet tasks - '-id' family words (spelling tasks) and First letter in a sentence (grammar task).

Busy Things tasks - 

Literacy - Messy letters

Maths - Animal Maze and Mudball shoot out

Art - Easter eggs

Practical activities - 

Happy Easter!

Thursday 2nd April

RE and Literacy - It is coming up to Easter time, please read the Easter Story below with your child.

After reading this share the images below and encourage your child to show this love by making an Easter card for somebody else, which they could deliver or post.

To finish this session you can say a prayer together (an example is below) and you could sing a song (for example John Burland's song He is Risen Alleluia - click on the following link for the music - You tube He is Risen Song.

Dear GodIn the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Maths - On Busy Things - Treehouse Activity. Then look at the worksheet for the Treehouse subtractions, you do not need to print this, just write the answers in your Home Learning Book.

On Literacy Planet - Sight Words List and Vowel Sounds tasks.

Wednesday 1st April

I hope you have been enjoying the daily tasks and have managed to get outside for your daily exercise. When I was out I noticed the Teddy Bears in people's windows, so I decided to join in the International "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". Last night I put my teddy Remmy in my window - 

BUT ... guess who I saw escaping out the front door this morning - 

I wonder where Remmy is going? In your Home Learning Book today could you write and draw about an adventure you think Remmy might be going on today?

On Literacy Planet - complete the -an family spelling, consonant and vowel sounds, and full stops in sentences tasks.

On Busy Things - 

Listen to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Maths - Shape Jigsaw puzzle and Bubbles - shapes

Tuesday 31st March

On Literacy Planet please complete the daily tasks - words ending with -og.

On Busy Things - 

Maths - Complete the two Shape Activities.

Practical Activities - 

Below is a number action rhyme from the Oxford Owl Website.

After sharing the number rhyme you could write matching number sentences, eg 3-1=2, or make your own little frog characters to reenact the rhyme, you could use; paper, straws, card, sticks, bottles, boxes (see what you have in the recycling bin!)

Monday 30th March

On Literacy Planet please complete the Word Builder and Word Snap activities for 'e' Ending Words.

On Busy Things -

Listen to The Three Little Pigs Movie and then complete the What's next? activity. You could write a matching sentence in your Home Learning book, eg 'The wolf huffed and puffed.'

Number Jump - Add and subtract numbers. You could then write a matching number sentence in your Home Learning Book, eg 2+3=5

The World - Plants - The gardener

Friday 27th March

Literacy - Please make sure you are reading with your child, you can use the reading books we sent home, books from Literacy Planet, or ebooks from the Oxford Owl website.

On Busy Things - 

Maths - Feed the monkey (you could use the number line you made yesterday to help you).

If you finish these tasks you could complete other activities on the Busy Box

RE - Come and See - The Easter Garden

Read the Easter Garden Garden Story and then create your own Easter Garden to celebrate Easter. You could draw the garden in your Home Learning Book, or create a collage, or take some photos of the flowers outside.

View document the_easter_garden_story.pdf

Thursday 26th March

Literacy Planet Task - 

Short i Words Memory Game

Busy Things - 

Phonics: Feed the Monster Oral Blending

Maths: Numerical Order 1-10

Understanding the world: Animal Muddle

After you have made your creature you could think of a name for your new creature and write and draw about it in your Home Learning Book. What does it look and sound like?

If you would like more stories to enjoy with your child Cbeebies Bedtime Stories are brilliant to share and talk about (on their website).

Wednesday 25th March

Maths - On Busy Things - Maths - Action Time (remember to listen and count carefully)

You might like to write out your own number line afterwards in your Home Learning Book and make up your own actions for each numeral. Can you get your whole family to join in?

Literacy - Literacy Planet - Sight Words List 3 and Word Builder 1

In your Home Learning Book today you can draw a picture of something you can see out of your window and write a simple sentence below it, for example 'I can see a red car.'

The World - On Busy Things complete Street Scene

If you finish these tasks you could explore the Busy Box on Busy Things, as well as looking at activities below.

Tuesday 24th March

I hope you enjoyed the tasks from yesterday.

In the first page of your Home Learning Book it would be lovely if you could draw a picture of you and your favourite home learning activity.

On Literacy Planet today please complete -

Phonics activity - Position with Sounds

Sight Words List 2

You can then practise writing these Key Words in your Home Learning Book.

Maths - On Busy Things

Maths - Rollercoaster More or Less?

Don't forget to practise writing your name in your Home learning book, remembering to use precursive letter shapes.

Monday 23rd March

To use Busy Things - Please select Early Years and complete the pinned activities.

Maths - Roller coaster Numeral Ordering on Busy Things

Art - Custom Cars on Busy Things

The World - Bubbles Expressions

English - Sight Words list 1 activity on Literacy Planet

Please also continue to read with your child and use the previous homework sheets below to encourage your child to revisit and review sounds already learnt.

due tuesday 17th march

Maths homework

due tuesday 10th march

Topic homework

due tuesday 3rd March

Topic homework

due tuesday 25th february

RE homework

due tuesday 11th february

Maths homework

due tuesday 4th february

Technology homework

due tuesday 28th January

Rhyme homework (1)

Rhyme homework (2)

due tuesday 21st January

Topic sheet


Topic homework

Due tuesday 17th december

Singing homework

due tuesday 10th december

Phonics sheet

due tuesday 3rd december

Literacy and RE sheet

due tuesday 26th november

Phonics sheet

due tuesday 19th november

Phonics sheet

due tuesday 12th november

RE sheet

due Tuesday 5th November

Phonics sheet


Phonics sheet

due tuesday 15th october

Phonics sheet

due tuesday 8th october

Phonics sheet

due tuesday 1st october

Voice sounds sheet

'Old MacDonald Had A Farm' songsheet